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The world's most prestigious diaries; Letts of London diaries combine traditional bookbinding, modern technology and meticulous hand finishing. The preferred corporate and personal diary worldwide since 1812. Letts of London diaries and journals convey an image of distinction and elegance.

Product Summary

Letts of London Diaries

In 1812, stationer John Letts combined a calendar with a journal, thereby inventing the modern diary. Today, Letts of London is the largest manufacturer of diaries worldwide. The success of Letts diaries is based on uncompromising commitment to quality. The combination of traditional bookbinding methods, modern technology and meticulous hand finishing produces diaries which have met the expectations of the most discriminating customers for nearly two hundred years.

Letts diaries are planners of time - the distinctive way to organize the future and remember the past. In many homes and businesses, bookshelves are lined with past editions of Letts of London diaries, journals and address books, a literal history of individuals, careers or family activities - a tradition.

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 Large Desk Diaries
Executive Diary Sets
Small Desk Diaries
Pocket Diaries
Small Pocket Diaries
Specialty Diaries

Specialty Journals


Large Desk Diaries

Sophisticated luxury - our large weekly desk diaries are superbly bound with padded covers. The desk diary collection keeps your daily appointment schedule at your fingertips.

                           32YI Deluxe Gobal Desk Diary
                           34YI Duo-Tone Soft Global Desk Diary
                           38YI Bonded Leather Desk Diary
                           33Y Genuine Leather Desk Diary


Executive Diary Sets

Combine any large desk diary with a matching pocket diary for a gift unsurpassed in elegance and functionality. Sets are exquisitely wrapped in fine tissue and presented in a deluxe two piece gift box.


Small Desk Diaries

Portable and efficient, the small desk diaries are lightweight and fit perfectly into your briefcase.

                          32X Classic Small Weekly Desk
                          38V Bonded Leather Medium Weekly Desk
                          12X Classic Small Daily Desk


Pocket Diaries

The weekly pocket diary collection combines functionality with beauty. Their unique size allows for easy storage into any briefcase, pocket or purse.

                         32S or 32SU Skivertex Case
                         Global, New York City and Multi-City editions

                         38S or 38SU Bonded Leather Case
                         New York City and Multi-City editions

                         33S or 33SU Genuine Leather Case
                         Global, New York City and Multi-City editions



Small Pocket Diaries

These small pocket diaries are compact in size; allowing for ease in storage in any briefcase, purse or pocket.

                       33E Genuine Leather Small Pocket
                       32E Classic Small Pocket
                       12 E Classic Small Day to View Pocket
                       31JU Classic Pocket



Specialty Diaries

The complete range of Letts of London unique desk and pocket diaries; a comprehensive collection of day to view, two week to view, month to view, special week to view and spiral bound diaries.

                      11Y Monthly Large Desk Diary
                      10Z Encore Commercial X-Large Day to View Desk
                      10Y Encore Commercial Large Day to View Desk
                      10X Encore Commercial Small Day to View Desk
                      73S Genuine Leather Bi-Weekly Pocket
                      72S Classic Bi-Weekly Pocket
                      13S Genuine Leather Monthly Pocket
                      12S Classic Monthly Pocket
                      72SN Classic Monthly Pocket with Notes and Address Booklet
                      37SB Baron Pocket (new for 2003)
                      34YO Large Spiral Timeplan Executive Planner
                      34XO Small Spiral Timeplan Executive Planner


Specialty Journals

Keep track of special interests and events in these exclusively designed record books and journals. Addressing interests from wine tasting to golf to recording thoughts, ideas and activities. Contemporary design and quality lend permanence to memories that will last a lifetime.

                       BR3X Genuine Leather Desk Journal
                       BR6X Executive Kidrel Desk Journal
                       BR1X Classic Filigree Desk Journal
                       BP3W Leather Trim Portfolio with Zipper
                       PB2W Leather Trim Portfoliio with Privacy Flap
                       WB5 Bonded Leather Wine Cellar & Label Book
                       GR7N Golfer's Record Book
                       T12S Pocket Travel Journal
                       V2Y Classic Visitor's Registry Book