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†††††††††††† Golden Sayings has over 16 years experience providing customized printing on promotional products and executive gifts. Our clients range from multi-national corporations and public services, to small clubs and individuals.

†††††††††††† Established in mid 1990 and incorporate in 1991.† We began operating from a very small office on Chapel Street in Newark, Delaware.

†††††††††††† As our business continued to grow.† Our machinery and equipment began to multiply.†† We soon outgrew the Chapel Street location and in 1993 we moved to our current headquarters on Kensington Lane.

†††††††††††† We are located at the tip of Brookside Park Development.† Just off Marrows Road and directly across the street from Brookside Shopping Center.

†††††††††††† We invite you to stop out and see our friendly facility.† Our showroom displays a fine line of leather and vinyl gift items, fine pens and many stationary items.† In addition, Wedding and Special Occasions catalogs are available along with Advertising Specialty Items and samples.

†††††††††††† Our foil stamping equipment, sublimation equipment, pad printers, copiers and laser printers will personalize most of the items we sell and items you bring to us for imprinting.† We customize stationary items and help you design and express your companyís image.

We are open Monday through Friday 9- to 5.

Golden Sayings, HQ

52 Kensington Lane

Newark, DE 19713


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Directions to our HQ:

From Wilmington, DEĖ Take 95 South to Exit 3A.† Thatís Rt. 273 West towards Newark.† Continue past two (2) lights and unto a Bypass to Rt. 4 West.† Itís a jug handle.† Go under the overpass and count five (5) lights to Marrows Rd. Make a Right.† Dairy Queen and several gas stations on your right.† On the left is Wendyís and Shop Rite.† Go to the first street on your left.† Thatís Kensington Lane.† Just past Patís Pizzeria.† Turn left into our parking lot.†

Golden Sayings, Inc.