Golden Sayings, Inc.

gold stamping, embossing and personalizing


 Can be imprinted on Mugs and other ceramics

 Mouse Pads and Coasters

 Awards and Trophies

 T-Shirts and other garments

Price: $15.00

What's sublimation product?

By applying a sublimation coating to the outside of an object, e.g. mug, plate, etc., photos are printed using the dye-sublimation process which produces exceptionally bright, vivid color unobtainable by any other means. The digital image, could be scenic, or your own portrait, is first printed using special inks onto inkjet paper as a carrier, which is then wrapped around the outside of a cylinder surface or attached onto a flat surface. Under heat and pressure, the image is permanently dyed on the object surface.

The product is washable and microwave safe. The whole process is hand-made one by one therefore is suitable for small orders. However, the price will be higher than normal similar products. (e.g. sublimation mugs VS. normal white mugs)

SKU/Item Number: SUB100

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